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Need help to pay my bills

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william larkin
I need help with paying my rent i need 600 dollars so me and my three kids want have to be out in the cold please help me
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Fam Needs Help
Hi. My husband lost his job over a year ago. Despite solid work experience and a good resume, he's had no luck landing a job. He's burned though his IRA and 401k and had to pay ungodly penalties to withdrawal this money. In the meantime being a great husband and father, he elected to adopt my 3 children aged 13, 12 and 10 since their real dad has skipped town and offered nothing. Now, we are in pretty bad straits...on food stamps, paying off last year's tax bill, etc. It's really hard to make ends meet and provide the home he wants us to have. We started a small retail business to sell odds and ends but it's making us very little. Since we exhausted the last of our IRA in 2011 we owe again penalties on early withdrawal. It's killing us. Our tax bill coming up this April will be over $2000. We need help paying this. If anyone can point is in the right direction, we will not only appreciate it, we'll pay it forward once we again get back on our feet. Thank you.
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Student Nurse 2012
Hello I am a full time nursing student and work part time as a home health care aid. I am busting my hump to make ends meat! I only have 7 more months of school and I will be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) I have a 3.39 GPA out of a 4.0 If anyone can help with any grants or donate money so I can continue my education of only 7 months left. I am about lose my apartment. I pick up as many extra shift that my body can handle with being in school. If anyone can help at all I would be grateful!! You never know one day I might just be your nurse!!
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Hi my name is Lindsey I am 19 and need help not only financially but also find someone to talk to about my problem. I was pregnant and due christmas day and I was going to have a little girl. I went to the dr o'nov 18 and they told me that she was smaller than normal sms had no heartbeat. I did everything I could to keep her healthy and this had to happen to a person like me. I had to have her through c section because she was breech. I paid my cell phone that was 214 and had to use my car payment I need help because my car payment is due on the 18th and I do not have it. If any body can help in.any way please feel free to contact me.
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Hi my name is lyndsey im a single mom of a 7month old and omg my lights shuut off and that can not happen..pls anyone no where i can find help like asap.thanks for ur time!
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Our house needs a new roof very badly, we do not have the money needed to put one on and our credit is VERY BAD, we are going through a Mortgage Mediation right now so we can stay in our home, my husband makes good money but we life paycheck to paycheck any suggestions who can help with a new roof?
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Hi i recently lost my job, and i need help paying my bills , i don't wanna lose my apartment, please help
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 in response to LEGALMEXICAN...   llleagal mexicano i did move out and i dont think that it was any of your biz to give me that kind of advice but anyway the land lord was probly your bro or some kind of fucking relation go back to mex
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Just helping out
United way helps people in my area with their gas and electric bills find out if you have one in yours
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 in response to getalife22...   Your probably Mexican your self so why don't you go back to your own country and take your drugs and crime back to your country where you belong, or if your American then you go and live in Mexico because their country has nothing to offer except drugs and crime, so why don't you leave if you don't like American people, we are the ones making them rich. Can you turn your 7 dollars into three times as much like they can in Mexico? I don't think so. Do America a favor, leave and take your Mexicans with you. This is why they can work for nothing in the U.S.
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 in response to B.McGee...   Your a dumbass, if you think the mexican steal all the jobs its because yu damn white are too lazy to work hard jobs so they hire a mexican to get the job done right. You guys are afraid of manual labor.
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Hey legal Mexican, GTFO. You people steal all our jobs.
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Hi I am a single mother with a daughter that is slightly disabled and although I work fulltime my paycheck is not enough to pay my car my insurance my light right now my water is turned off my tv is off havent had it for two years and my gas bill is 3000.00 and I have no gas and it is getting very cold. I have contacted all the organizations out there and noone will help me does anyone know what I can do I am tired of hearing my daughter cry because she is freezing.
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I am a single mother of 4 & i also care for my disabled mother. I care for my family & we love one another,however im at a lost my gas bill is 500 dollars & they shut my heat off today. If i could get some help. Thanks
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 in response to inneed64...   MOVE OUT go to the MIssion why you want to create more expenses for the landlord ! DON'T you know when you owe money and don't pay you pay 10 times fold in another way. Don't be a burden to others and MOVE OUT! on your own
 in response to babygirl77...   Get a job Mexicans have 5 jobs cleaning houses, pools, making tamales then selling them in front of the church. DO SOMETHING! not just ask what others can do for you PULL YOUR own WEIGHT lazy ass! I cannot even go to the doctor pecause the visit is $30.00 no insurance just my two hands cleaning toilets.... pick up bottles cans and sell them! ahh so easy just ask and a stupid enaabler will help you to stay the same parasite.
i have been looking for help and i can't seem to find any with my bills im on the verge of getting evicted from my home and im not even a month behind the landlord gave a 3 day notice too pay and now he says he is going to go with court prcedings to have me kicked out and i do not want to be living on the streets ive been looking for a job but no luck on that yet im hoping that some one out there can help me
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Hi. Well for starters, I'm in need of desperate help to pay my cell phone bill. It will be shut off by Tuesday if I'm not able to pay $650.00 by then. I am needing to have my phone to stay in touch with my son & go to my doctors appts when I need to go to them as well as emergencies. So please could someone be a kind hearted person & help a single mom. Thank you :(
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Hello I need help with my loans and rent. My loans are $1200 and my rent is $525. I've been getting loans to pay for my rent and I have been stuck trying to pay them.
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Is there anyone in houston, Tx that can help me my water bill is 1800
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