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Need help to pay my bills

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pay your bills on time, next time


im from new mexico and i am 28 yrs old i come from a small town in northern new mexico and i have never known my dad and my mom can careless about me and my brother my brother is 18 and we live in a house that was my grandparents. i have hospital bills that have piled uo since i have no insurance and now im in debt. we dont have a car and trying to get my ged and handle my life is overwhelming right now most of my family is hooked on drugs me and my brother i guess are smarter than that im hoping my brother doesnt get into any of that stuff i have a mental disorder and have many psycological problems from the child hood i had growing up with my mother and many of her boyfriends alcoholics and hooked on heroin. i am trying my best to help myself and things just dont get better its aug 19th and winter is coming and we our roof on our house leaks when the sun melts the snow its cold and we have asked for help from plenty of places the past few winters have been so so hard no car and not many people who care here to help. if u are in better financial standings than me please help us. im not trying to live of the world i have a mental disorder and cant deal with things like everyone else so if u can help please do so aug 19th     dont know where my mom is ist been 3 months and last place she lived at all the stuff is gone please pray for me mom thank you John...

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I need help paying my rent, I have two girls and a grandson; I'm two months behind, my rent is 1275.00, and I'm disable and cant work; please help.

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Hello, my name is Desiree. I need my drivers license, but can not get it, do to a State Farm bill I can not afford to pay. It is $1400. Im in school, and working only part time. I have rent, lights, etc. I need help please.

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Hello I need help, it is strange I am always the one that was helping family members and friends when they needed help. Now I am the that needs help. I hate asking for help.  But I need to pay my rent and the IRS. I am family of four, my husband cannot work he has ESR failure.  My two children are looking for jobs but no one is hiring.  So if I can get any help please let me know. I have called and got a list from 211. But alot them have no funds.

Please help me in any way. 

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I am sorry . Have you tried Wish you the best too.

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 in response to Starshine...   Hi I have tryed 211 in mississippi and they haven't been any help to me. I wish you the best but it look like the government will help bell out ever body but the little people.
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I am in the same situation as most in this room.  Over 20 years with the same company, but an injury that I recieved while serving in the Army in 1978 has detererated to the point that my company let me go.  Im out on long term disability, the the insurance company (Aetna) is refusing to pay disability benefits.  Thats a whole different nightmare.  It's all about their bottom line, and it is common practice to deny benefits until the employee ends up giving up.

So now I havent worked since Dec. 2007 and have exhusted all savings, 401k, and have maxed out my credit cards just to keep a roof over our family.

The thought of ruining my credit report use to be so very important to me.  Now a roof over our heads, food on the table, and a warm jacket has put my credit rating in perspective.

No family to help, freinds are becoming distant while the streets are becoming closer to reality.  Is there anything that anybody can do at this point?  I have my faith in Jesus (thank you mom and dad) and know that somehow things will work out, but its the constant worries, stress, tears, and being scared all the time that is unbearable.

Help us Oh Lord.

Im thinking we should pool our money, live together until things work out. 




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Been in between jobs now for 8 weeks. Savings is gone and bills are starting to pile up. What can I do? I've been out pacing the streets I even have a 2nd interview coming up on Tuesday. But even when I get the job the bills will keep buiding up until I get that 1st paycheck. And I'm sure it will only put a dent in paying the bills. I'm scared. No food to eat, I'm going to lose my home that I rent and I'm going to lose my car.

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You can check my blog and click the horse avatar.

Try calling 211 and see if there are food banks listed in my blog I know I covered it.

If low income see about working out payment plan with water department and low income plan.

look at my blog for temporary assistance in Texas TANF

wiil check more in a bit

he should pay child support if and when he works


Anyone else out there will help too.

good luck

how about friends or shelter. look in classifieds for a single person looking for roomate



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I am a mother of 2 small children and working full time.  My water was just turned off in my home yesterday and i don't have the money to get it back on.  I am married but i had to kick my husband out because he is a drug user.  He had pawned almost everything out of our house so i can't even pawn stuff to get money.  I just found out that my 1 year old has the swine flu and had to spend the last little bit of money i had to buy her meds.  I went to the mission and all they can do is pay the last $50 of my bill and the total bill is $340.00.  Is there anywhere else that i can get help from.  I don't want to take my kids home without any running water and i don't have anywhere else to take them.

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Desparate Mother

Hi My name is Elizabeth I am a mother of two, a 3 year old and a 11 month old. I am currently unemployed do to the lay offs out at chevron in pascagoula. I have been struggling with paying my bills, and keeping food on the table for my children. I've been having to pawn my belongings just to make ends meet. I'm two months behind on my car note, I no longer have insurance on my car, they are about to repo my only source of transportation, My power bill is about to get disconnected as it is past due this month of 248.00. My utilities still need to be paid, or it will be the next to get turned of. My sons birthday is today and I owe 550 for rent by the first of sept. I'm only making 255 a week on unemployment, who in the world can live off that??? I'm tired of stressing about my children having what they need to survive. I'm tired of wondering when is it going to get worse. I really need help, If any one out there can help me please, bring god into your hearts and help me and my children. You can reach me at 228 627 0773 thank you so much and god bless.

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Have you called 211 for any help? Can't you get workman's comp as you were hurt on the job?? SSD in Ohio , you can apply on line

see my blog as I just posted a link for it.

best of luck hope something helps you.

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I am a 53 year old single male living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Times are rought for all of us all over the country. But since Katrina things here have not gotton any better for most of us. I had a great Job at one of the Casinos here for over 7 years as a fine Dinning Waiter which is my profession and got layed off in April. I looked for a job everyday for 9 weeks and finaly found one then two jobs. I was living day to day before I got layed off and being out of work for 7 weeks really got me behind on all my bills. working both jobs I still am not making enought money to get caught up.

Three weeks ago at my night job I was hurt while working. Because I hurt my wrist the doctor has kept me out of work now going on 4 weeks. This is all I needed to get into trouble with all my bills rent 3 months behind, Electric 2 months Car payment defered 2 months I am afraid I will be on the streets soon. I have not recived and workers comp money but it is 60% of my pay waiters make 2.13 plus tips and what I declare if my taxes isnt much. 


I need help from someone. I need to get my Power bill paid and help with rent Thank god I have lived in the same Apartment for 11 years and the mangement is trying not evict me yet. If anyone can help me find a way out Of this mess I would be in very gratful to you.


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I am mother of 3 beautiful daughters, at this moment in my life, i cant even afford to take care of my babies, My rent is 800 that i pay each month on the 1 first. My gas been shut off for three weeks now, I have no way to pay it and i just want my babies girls to be able to enjoy a nice warm bath insteady i give them hand wash bath every  night. At this point in life i dont think im gonna be able to afford to take care of my little girls cause all i have to give is love and a roof over there head,We have no gas and my water bill is due soon hopefully they wont turn it off, the father of my girls took off so basically i been busting my a** trying to take care of them thank god from the help from the state i get some foodstamp and some cash for my daughters but the money i get goes to rent. Winter is coming up and i have no clothes to give the babies. I would really really be so thankful is someone can help us. I am so scared i am gonna loose my babies cause i cant afford to take care of them. Life was pretty good for us when the father was around helping us out, but outta nowhere he just give up on us. Please lord Help me and babies so how...I just wanna say thank you for taking the time to read this and please keep us in your prays!!!!

 from the Casey family....

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hi  my name is ana i am 53 yrs old.i have liver insufficciency and chronic asthma.i do not like asking for anything but right now i am to the point of not wanting to live.i have a daughter going to high school.i just found out where i live is on foreclosure lost my deposit.I have no way to get deposit to pay for another place on top of that i have gas and lightthat has to be paid.PLEASE if anyone knows how i can get some help please let me know.i am sick but i will clean floors toilets whatever to help sorry for asking or bothering God please help us and those in similiar or worse situation.thank you

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Hello, I am a 26 year old student who has had to drop out of school for right now. I am from Texas but, I had to move cause of abuse from my family. I now stay in Oklahoma City,OK.  I have been applying for jobs for over four weeks now and I haven't got a job yet.  I'm not lazy, I have a form of dislexia wich keeps me from doing anything retail, I also have a very bad back due to the manual labor I used to do in nursing homes. I would do it again but, my back won't let me, I don't think I could bare the pain! I have lost everything except for my car. My payment is 299.00 and I don't have it. I have no family to turn to! I have no money, I cain't even put gas in my car. I relly need help, I don't know what else to do, or where to turn! Please, If there is anyone out there that can help, please let me know! Thank You soooo much! May God Bless all of you!!
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Hello. I'm finding it hard to make ends meet even though I am working. For the past month, i have been given only 1 6hour shift a week. The last 2 weeks, I am working 2 days, however, i cant survive on 30-60 dollars a week with rent being 150.00, car insurance of 35.00, phone bill outstanding at 104.57, and a prepaid cell phone at 15.00 bi-weekly. Thankfully, I live with my mom, but I haven't been able to pay rent since january.  She's not too terribly worried about it but I still feel as though I have failed miserably being 25 and still living at home, working only 1-2 days a week, and sometimes starving. I also have other bills that keep weighing me down but I won't allow them to keep me down. I am going to try to work on them as I go. If there is anyone out there that can help, I would be forever indebted to you. Thank you.
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omg i never knew dat der was so many of us in need im also looking 4 help im a single mother of two beautiful children and i also have been laid off i have no family to turn to and my only living reletive was my dad who passed away 3/25/2009 besides the great pain dat i carry from such a loss im now strugluling to keep my head above water if u can direct me in the right direction i am deeply grateful thank you my internet will be shut off on 7/12/2009 if any one knows how to stall comcast till i can get help i appreciate any advice thank you and good luck to u all god bless

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