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Need help to pay my bills

poorjon started this conversation

Hi I need help to pay off my 700 dollar credit card bill I used it last year to pay taxes off and I am still paying for it. Unforutnately the interest rates keeps crawling up so its like never going down. Please help.

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Hey I need help paying my 1000 light bill I need help I never did this before
I'm stress and worried please help me please I'm 24year'sold
I'm going through so much but I'm tryna do the right then instead of being in these streets doing god knows what
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woman in a shoe   in reply to nwells
Hi Nichelle there is help out there I don't know about a phone but for light gas rent and more please call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with put have pen and paper when u call to write the places and number down good luck to u
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Hi my name is Nichelle. I have been looking for a job for over a year. My unemployment has stopped and I'm in school also. My lights, phone and water are about to be turned off. I am to the point where I don't want to be here anymore. Times has gotten so hard for me. I don't even want you to send me the money, I will give you my account info and you can pay it for me. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!!!!!
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Poppyday13   in reply to woman in a shoe
I am on for a little while . I am trying to help Candy at the moment but I have computer problems so its slow.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Poppyday13
Hi how are u today me doing OK but got more work put on me today so I am on and off today
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Poppyday13   in reply to kkskittles
Quite possibly , if not they can sign post you to somewhere that can . The other thing you can do is call 211 , tell them what you need and ask where you an get help .
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will salvation army or catholic charity help pay for my $74 power bill? o and help me get diapers for my son.
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ninojane53   in reply to missjanie
Try Salvation Army or Catholic Charities they may help.
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ninojane53   in reply to missjanie
Try Salvation Army of Catholic Charities. Salvation Army helped me with electric and Catholic Charities helped with gas for my car so I could get my kids to school or you go to court with failure to educate and have to pay fines. It seems no matter what I call Salvation Army for they help. Call them and leave your nbr and let them know that you need help right away and they should get right back. They are the best.
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missjanie   in reply to alexsander676
Sorry there's no body here that can pay your phone Bill. But if you receive any kind of assistance you can go to and get a free phone with 250 minutes and 1000 free txts a month
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woman in a shoe   in reply to alexsander676
And miss Janie sure don't have the money to pay a phone bill
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woman in a shoe   in reply to alexsander676
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sent 2006 I am sorry but I don't know any resources that pays for a phone bill
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alexsander676   in reply to missjanie
pay my phon ebill
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pay my phone bill my phone bill 50 dollar boost mobile ...
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missjanie   in reply to djudy
Hi go to your city and state it will give you a list if agencies that can help you, God Bless
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I need paying my bill its 50$ to.metro 8137702940
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missjanie   in reply to corrina romero
Sorry there is no cash available on this site, most people here are struggling just to put food on our table, God Bless
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corrina romero
Hi i need help on paying my phone bill its alot that i could not afford its 464.94
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to willb83
This is really sad the Gov should have to help us with our cell phone bills because people just can't live without technology these days and it's really throwing us all into debt. I ask myself all the time how do people pay these bills off when the phone company now acts as a mobile credit card throwing everyones life into the Pitts of money hell and starvation to boot. 3 years ago my mother had 3 free phones and a debt of a 500.00 cell phone bill for one month and no idea how it got up so high she didn't even use the web technology ect
on her phone she's in her 70's and had no idea what happened. This is where it began and ended for the whole family to cut back the technology debt we were all feeling at the time.
The Tv was behind 3 bills at the time in my household and they threatened and did cut my Tv My bill was 76.00 at the time basic 50 channels at first I was mad I thought I've been paying this bill same company 30 years how could they my first time late. Then my next thought was I'll go with a different company the next thought was I was late because I couldn't afford it I should can the TV and so it started. I told my mother and myself that the next
change was going to be the Cellphone then the internet. I bought AT & T Go phones for my entire family and each had a spending fee of 10.00 to 15.00 a month on them it would be 1.00 a call between members per day if you wanted texting its 4.99 200 messages or 9.99 a month for 2000 messages. They had a choice more messaging or less messaging and calls or just calls but all would try to stay below or at the 15.00 limit to spend per month. the reason all the phones are from the same company is because it's one set charge a 1.00 if you use it to another AT&T member and 10 cents a minute to outsiders. Remember these phones are a commitment to change the phone addiction america has now adapted to. Next I purchased a used 2005 computer on EBAY kept my regular phone service and now pay 30 reg phone service a month and
9.95 to netscape for dial-up service or 11.95 if you want to pay with a check instead of charge. So that's 41. 95 for a real phone plus internet and if I added the 15 dollars a month for 1 person for cell phone usage its 56.95 a month total.

I buy tapes at the local thrift 50 cents to 1.00 for a VHS player I bought for 7.00 at a local thrift store
I bought a Cheap computer on line for 200.00
I now have it hooked up to low cost dial up service with a real landline telephone 11.95
I bought a cheap 15 dollar cell phone for each family member and pay on line thru paypal or some other form of payment to
Who sells discounted cards and services for all kinds of phones and even gives you money back after so many purchases and doesn't charge you that 1.00 for 911 calls charge you get purchasing the cards at a local store.
If you can beat that price.. then keep doing what your doing but if not. I hope you keep my tips and how I keep
my life in low cost technology .The tv company did me a huge favor by cutting me that day.
I can't help you this time with your money problem but if you do this next time you might not have one.
I think you should ask them if you can pay this last bill in small payments because if you can not then you should tell them you can't pay them at all. They might just except your offer of the small monthly payments instead.
Good luck
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I need help paying a $200 home phone bill any help will be amazing I don't know what to do anymore..
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